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Join The Black Food Tour

The Black Food Tours in Oakland are guided culinary tours that showcase the diverse and vibrant Black food culture in Oakland, California. These tours are designed to highlight the city's Black-owned restaurants, cafes, and food establishments, as well as the people and stories behind them.

Black Food Tour strives to establish strong partnerships with local restaurants. The information below includes successful partnership outcomes.

Partnership Agreements

Black Food Tour agrees to: 

  • Pay the pre-determined price established between Restaurant Partner and Black Food Tour per tour, per plate/group size

  • Confirm with and provide notice to Restaurant Partner for pending/upcoming tour dates

  • Inform Restaurant Partner (within 24 hour of tour date) of any dietary restrictions or modifications to the menu

  • Communicate relevant changes, questions, concerns in advance of tour date

  • Arrive on time (within 10 minutes of anticipated arrival time) to all identified tour dates

  • Initiate quarterly (or as needed) virtual, phone, in person check in meetings with partnering restaurants for any updates, modifications, feedback, etc.

Partnering Restaurant agrees to: 

  • Have agreed upon predetermined tasting menu/items available upon arrival (within 5-10 minutes of arrival)

  • Communicate changes to restaurant availability at least 24 hours ahead of tour date

  • Provide select service accommodations for tour guests: including reserved seating, complimentary water, etc. 

  • Offer meet and greet (with Chef, Owner, or Manager) with Black Food Tour guests, as available

  • Ensure front of house, chef, and/or other relevant staff are informed of upcoming tour and anticipated arrival time

  • Participate in quarterly (or as needed) virtual, phone, in person check in meetings with Black Food Tour owner for any updates, modifications, feedback, etc.

"I used to think the skills my mother and grandmother had were small and insignificant, because the world taught me that black food was small and insignificant. But now I realize what we contribute to food in America is vast. Right now that’s all I want to cook, and I want to cook it on a level that resonates with me, beyond whether it tastes good.” - Mashama Bailey

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