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Black Food Tour: What We're All About

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Culture, celebration, excitement, community, anticipation, opportunity, innovation, togetherness, family, love, kin; these, and many other words are all ways one can use when speaking or even thinking about food.

It is only fitting then, that the mission, vision and values of Black Food Tour are built upon many of these exact words. As stated by founder and CEO Tiffany Knuckles, Black Food Tour is

“A central hub for events, spotlights and food experiences that explore and celebrate global Black cuisine and culture [and] to curate experiences and opportunities to celebrate Black businesses, culture and cuisine. Black Food Tour is a platform where Black businesses, Black culinary artists, Black Cuisine and Black culture are celebrated and thriving globally.”

How can such a space be established during times of the Rona and local shutdowns?

Well, aside from having an amazing leader (Tiffany Knuckles) who can literally (and I mean literally) do anything, the following core values of Black Food Tour strongly ground the team and company:

  • Honoring Cultural Heritage within the African Diaspora

  • Strengthening & Deepening Community

  • Education and Community Empowerment

  • Celebrating Ourselves and Each Other

  • Embracing Abundance (Audacity)

We invite you to collaborate, learn and grow with us as we begin to build out our brand and expand the space which is Black Food Tour to center and celebrate Black food and culture. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs focused on the history of soul food, “healthier” alternatives to our favorite foods, local business owner spotlights and more! To keep up with us daily make sure to follow us on all the platforms:

Instagram @BlackFoodTour

Twitter @BlackFoodTour

Facebook @BlackFoodTour

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