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Why Black Food Tour, Why Now?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

2020 has been a year of great struggle, fear, uncertainty, and loss. Simultaneously however, many people have found strength in community, embraced necessary healing practices, and faced down their deepest fears. 2020 has taught me that standing still is not an option, and that in this one life we have, we must challenge ourselves, try new things, do what we love, and encourage one another.

Black Food Tour started as an idea in 2019 to showcase the growing food scene in my hometown - Oakland, California. So many AMAZING restaurants were popping up while there seemed to be a newfound love for Black culture - with "the town" as the epicenter. I was here for it all day! And I wanted, as a native of Oakland, to be a part of the conversation.

As the idea continued to develop, I began to reflect

on my experiences as a Black woman who has traveled to over ten countries - always finding solace in communities where the people looked like me. Always feeling an extra glimmer of happiness when I passed by other Black folks in countries like Indonesia or Taiwan. There is something to this idea of global Blackness that I think is powerful and needs to be shared. 2020 has helped to highlight that our struggles, as Black individuals just like our joys - are often deeply felt collectively.

Black Food Tour is my attempt to bring these elements together in both a fun and meaningful way. I have sought the support and guidance of some of my dearest friends and colleagues to help curate this venture and am looking forward to seeing what the next few years brings with it.

It is important that we celebrate and uplift Black folks - locally, nationally, and internationally. And in my experience, food + dining experiences have always served as a mechanism for bringing people together, promoting a sense of community, and ensuring that folks are fed - in more ways than one.

With Black Food Tour, we're looking to start small and expand - in our first year raising brand awareness, building our relationships, and showcasing the amazing businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent that already exists in our community. Our mission is to create experiences and opportunities to celebrate and uplift Black businesses, culture, and cuisine.

We invite you to partner with us on this journey in whatever way feels good for you!

Feel free to contact us at

We look forward to connecting...

In community,

Tiffany Knuckles

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