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Tour Guide Files

Email or text Tiffany if you have trouble accessing any of the pages/links provided.

Tour Day Materials

Below is a list of tour day materials that you can access at any point during the tour. 

This list can be used to confirm you have the items you need at the start of the tour. It is recommended that you review this list within twenty-four hours prior to the tour so you can reach out, if needed, for more items/access to documents you may need.

The checklist should be reviewed prior to starting the tour. It includes a review of the day, expectations, logistics, etc. If you think there are items that should be added to the checklist, please let Tiffany know and it will be included. 

This is the meat of the Brunch Tour! Talking points provide context, history, and background on the locations you visit. Black Food tour is a celebration of culture, community, and cuisine, and more than just eating delicious foods, we want to really celebrate the community of chefs, and business owners who make Oakland AMAZING. 

Upon review of the talking points, if any updates or changes need to be made, please let Tiffany know! This is a living document that can change from tour to tour. It should be readable, clear, and to the point. If you have suggestions for how to improve it, let Tiffany know. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!

Note: A portrait version is coming soon for easier readability from a phone/tablet!

All guest are required to review and sign the waiver form prior to participation in the tour. You can use this link to forward the form if needed. Your lanyard should have the QR Code, but for some reason you do not have your lanyard for the day, you should be able to airdrop this link to guest and/or text them. Eventually the waiver will be accessible @, but we're not there yet. haha

Partner Contact Info

[Coming Soon] Should you need to get in contact with one of the resturant partners, use this database here for follow up. If additional assistance is needed, please touch base with Tiffany. It is recommended that you save numbers to your phone for quick access, however this list will remain available for reference as well.

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